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Today I would like you to do lesson 13 of the Oak National Academy unit or activity 10 in the unicorn booklet. 



Read a few pages of a non-fiction book and write down one interesting fact that you have learnt. If you don't have any non-fiction books at home, there are lots on the Norfolk library website. 



Today we are going to be multiplying two digit numbers by one digit numbers. I want you to start by watching a supermovers times table video (you can choose which one) then watch the lesson video and complete the worksheet. 



Today, I would like you to do lesson 3 of the Oak National Academy unit.



In school, we learnt about French greetings. Have a look at this power point as a recap and then complete the storyboard. 

Thinking time


Today we have been learning about day and night. If the sun didn't rise tomorrow, what would people do?