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We are continuing to practise ‘tion’. Have a go at practising your handwriting and spelling the words. You could also try filling out the crossword puzzle.


Today we are going to look at a riddle. Do you know what a riddle is? A riddle is a puzzle. Read the example below. Can you guess what the animal is? Follow the guide below to have a go at creating your own riddle. Can your family guess what it is?


Logon to your Rockstar account.

Today we are going to divide by 10. Remember you can use practical objects to group or share as well as your 10 times table.


Read and complete the questions.


What is an explorer? Where does an explorer go? What do they do? Can you think of any explorers? If you were going to go on an exploration what would you bring? Make a list. What things can you not live without?


All explorers need a map. Did you remember to pack a map? Have a go at creating your own map for an adventure. What will you see? Remember to add a key. Can you plot a route?

Extra Ideas




Create a paper sculpture. To do this you will need paper, glue and maybe scissors and coloured pens or pencils. You may want to colour or decorate your paper first. Tear or cut strips of paper. Fold the end of one strip and stick it to a flat piece of paper. Twist, bend or curl the paper before folding and sticking the other end down. Repeat with other strips. You have created your own 3D sculpture. Look at the images below for ideas.