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Today we are going to add ‘ly’ to the end of some words. What happens to a word when we add the suffix ‘ly’? How does the word change? Can you think of some examples? Click on the link to watch the video then complete the activity.


To complete today’s activity you may want to re-watch ‘The Ugly Sharkling’.

Yesterday we created expanded noun phrases to describe the shark. Today we are going to put them together to create a paragraph. Have a look at the example. Can you spot the expanded noun phrases? Look at the start of each sentence – they are different. If we start every sentence with ‘He had’ that would be boring! Create a character description using the expanded noun phrases you made yesterday. Try to start each sentence differently. Use the example to help you.


Log on to times table rock stars and practise your times tables.

Today we are going to move on to division by sharing. To complete the activity you may like to use something like counters such as coins, pencils or toy cars. They don’t all have to be the same, but it may help to have objects that you can physically use and move. Complete the activity and then have a go at the problem.


Read and complete the questions.


Our new history topic is looking at significant people. What does significant mean? Can you think of any significant people? Why are they significant? Who is a significant person to you? Why? Draw your significant person and write down why they are significant.


At the minute we are staying home to keep healthy and safe. However, there are significant people who are working to make sure we have food, making deliveries and helping people who are poorly. These people are working extremely hard to help us. Maybe you know one of these people. How could you say thank you? Across the country, people have put rainbows in their window to say thank you and show that they care. Have you done this? Could you do this? Is there another way you could say thank you? Remember at 8 o’clock to stand at your door and clap to say thank you to all the doctors, nurses and care workers.

Extra Activities




What would be in your dream sandwich? Draw and label the ingredients. If you can, have a go at making it.