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Spring Term 2022

Thursday 13/01/22


Today's story was called "How to Grow A Dinosaur."


Albie is a normal little boy who has extraordinary adventures. When he helps his mum in the garden by planting some seeds, he can't quite believe his eyes the next morning.


The garden has grown beyond all belief and these are not just any old plants - oh, no - Albie's seeds have grown into great big jurassic jungle! ... 



Friday. 14/01/22


Our story today is "T-Veg"


Reginald's a T. Rex just as fierce and ferocious as the rest: he's got a mighty roar, gnashing teeth, and all the speed a dino could need.


But when it comes to mealtime, Reg would rather chow down on broccoli, beans, and greens than the juicy steaks his paleo pals prefer.

Monday 17/01/22


Todays story was called "10 Little Penguins"


Look inside to find out what happens to the little penguins during their fun-filled day. Count aloud as the mischievous penguins go from being 10 to just 1!



Tuesday 18/01/22


Today our story was called "Brave Bitsy and the Bear."


When Bitsy falls out of her girl's pocket in the woods, she is lost and all alone until she meets gentle Bear, who helps Bitsy find her way back home before he hibernates for the winter.


But Bear is already very tired, and only Bitsy's hopeful songs keep him awake on their journey.

Wednesday 19/01/22


Our story today was called "Storm"


It was by the same writer as the other story we have been reading, called "Snow" - Sam Usher


A storm is brewing and the wind is picking up, so a boy and his grandfather decide it's the perfect weather for kite flying. There's just one problem: they have to find the kite!

Thursday 20/01/22


The story today was called "Charlie Crow in the Snow"


Winter comes as a very big surprise for Charlie!


Charlie the crow loves his home. But things don't stay perfect for long when the leaves drop off his tree and the water in his stream turns to glass.


Then white flakes start to fall from the sky!


Whatever is going on?


Maybe a new friend can help Charlie find out 

Friday 21/01/22


Our story today was called "Tig and Tog's Dinosuar Discovery."


Come along with Tig and Tog as they explore and make an amazing, prehistoric discovery!


Tig and Tog are amateur explorers, searching through their snowy backyard for a big discovery. Suddenly, Tig notices something strange in the ground. She calls to Tog and the two of them dig and dig and dig, using all kinds of tools, until they unearth the oldest dinosaur skeleton they have ever seen!


Tig and Tog share the credit for their discovery, and they show off their dinosaur skeleton to all of their friends.

Monday 24/01/22


Today our story was all about Paddington Bear.


We found out that he came to London in a boat, and was found at Paddington Station by Mr and Mrs Brown.


We followed what happened to him when they took him home.


Tuesday 25/01/22


Today our story was called "The Queen's Knickers".


It describes Her Majesty's undergarments including:

her Christmas knickers (decorated with holly),

the Royal Knickers (encrusted with precious stones and first worn by Queen Victoria),

and the various travelling knickers (equipped with parachute or inflatible raft depending on her mode of travel)


Wednesday 26/01/22


Today's story is called "The Queen's Handbag."


A very naughty thief has stolen the Queen's handbag! There's only one thing to do: chase the thief all over the landmarks of Great Britain!

Thursday 27/01/22


Today's story was called "Danny's birthday".


Danny receives lots of presents for his birthday from his relatives, he's so keen to open them he tears off the wrapping paper and loses all the labels.


When he has to write thank-you letters he has no idea who sent what and has to guess.

Friday 28/01/22


Today's story is called "ish..."


An inspiring, encouraging story for budding artists everywhere, it tells the story of Ramon, who loves to draw. Anytime. Anything. Anywhere. Drawing is what Ramon does. It's what makes him happy. But in one split second, all that changes.


A single remark by Ramon's older brother, Leon, turns Ramon's carefree sketches into joyless struggles.


Luckily for Ramon, though, his little sister, Marisol, sees the world differently and she opens his eyes to something a lot more valuable than getting things exactly right...

Monday 07/02/22


Today's story is "Gues How Much I Love You."


Sometimes, when you love someone very, very much, you want to find a way of describing how much you treasure them.


But, as Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover, love is not always an easy thing to measure. The story of Little and Big Nutbrown Hares’ efforts to express their love for each other is just lovely.

Tuesday 08/02/22


Today's story was called "I forgot to say I love you."


Mum and Billy are very, very late.


Billy says it is all Rabbit's fault - Rabbit wouldn't eat his breakfast and now they will have to run the rest of the way to the nursery.


Then, in the hurry of saying goodbye, Mum forgets to tell Billy something very important.

Wednesday 09/02/22


Today's story was called "Oliver and Patch".


Oliver is finding the big city a lonely and scary place but when he finds a little lost dog he makes his first friend in the city.

The trouble is, he knows that somewhere out there someone is missing the little dog just as much as he is loving having him, So, with a heavy heart, Oliver sets about doing the right thing.

Thursday 10/02/22


Today's story was called "Mummy, Do you love me?"


Sometimes Little Chick is naughty and sometimes Little Chick is sad.


But no matter what he says or does, from jumping in muddy puddles to coming last in the race, his mummy always loves him.


And that's the most important thing of all!

Friday 11/02/22


Today's story is written by Madonna, and is called "Mr Peabody's Apples."


Tommy Tittlebottom sees Mr Peabody taking an apple from Mr Funkadeli's fruit market and is very surprised that he doesn't pay.


Then Tommy sees it happen again and decides that Mr Peabody is a thief.


Word spreads quickly around the town.


When Mr Peabody arrives at the baseball ground, ready for the usual Saturday game, only Billy Little turns up and he soon explains what has happened.


It is then up to Mr Peabody to teach Tommy about the importance of truth and the power of words.

Monday 21/02/22


Our story today was "The Three Little Pigs."


"The Three Little Pigs" is a fable about three pigs who build three houses of different materials.


A Big Bad Wolf blows down the first two pigs' houses, made of straw and sticks respectively, but is unable to destroy the third pig's house, made of bricks.

Twos Day...22/02/22


Today's book was called "Whiffy Wilson, the wolf who wouldnt wash."


There was a wolf called Wilson
Who never brushed his hair.
He never washed his paws or face
Or changed his underwear.

Will anyone be able to persuade Whiffy Wilson to change his grotty ways for something far less stinky? 

Wednesday 23/02/22


Today's story is "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig."


The classic fight between pigs and wolves as you’ve never seen it.


The three little wolves erect first a solid brick house. The big bad pig comes along and when huffing and puffing fails to work, he uses a sledgehammer to bring the house down.


Next they build a home of concrete: The pig demolishes it with his pneumatic drill. The three little wolves choose an even stronger design next time round: They erect a house, made of steel, barbed wire, armor plates and video entry system, but the pig finds a way to demolish it too.


It is only when the wolves construct a rather fragile house made of cherry blossoms, daffodils, pink roses, and marigolds that the pig has a change of heart . . .

Thursday 24/02/22


Today's story is called The Three Horrid Little Pigs.


What happens when the three little pigs are so horrid they even drive their own mother crazy? She sends them away to make their own homes.


The first little pig steals straw from the cows to build his house and the second little pig takes the twigs from the birds to build his house.


The third little pig is so lazy he just moves into a chicken coop and now the hens have nowhere to go.


When each of the little pigs finds themselves without sturdy homes of their own along comes the big, friendly wolf (who just happens to be a builder) to help the three horrid little pigs see the error of their ways!

Today's story is called...


Whiffy Wilson - The Wolf who wouldn't go to school


Whiffy Wilson doesn't know how to hold a pen and has never looked in a book, but fortunately his friend Dotty is on hand to show him that school is fun.


Soon, Whiffy is in his element, and when he gets a gold star for all his work he realises that school is the BEST THING EVER!

Monday 28/02/22


Todays story is called "There's a bear on my chair."


A Bear has settled in Mouse's favorite chair--and that chair just isn't big enough for two.


He tries all kinds of tactics to move the pesky Bear but nothing works and poor Mouse gives up.


Once Mouse has gone, Bear gets up and walks home.


But what's that? Is that a Mouse in Bear's house?

Tuesday 01/03/22


Mr Wolf fancies some tasty pancakes but he doesn’t know how to make them!


Asking his neighbours is of no use they’re a mean and horrible lot who refuse to help.


Poor Mr Wolf!


He has to work it out all by himself.


But what happens when those nasty neighbours want to help Mr Wolf eat his delicious pancakes?


Wednesday 02/03/22


Today's story was called "Crunch."


Crunch the guinea pig loves his food, so it’s just as well there’s plenty of it, especially when a hungry little mouse wants a share!


So why does Crunch refuse?


Later, Crunch can’t settle to his feast for worrying about the mouse.


Although he’s never stepped outside his hutch before, Crunch sets off to look for him.


Will he find the little mouse, and if so, what else might he discover?

Thursday 03/03/22


Today's story was called "Goldilocks and Just the One Bear."


Many years have passed since Goldilocks caused chaos at the Bears' house in the woods, but what happens when Little Bear as was wanders out of his fairytale and into the big city where Goldilocks now lives?


Goldilocks is now grown up with a family and a rather smart apartment, so how will she react to coming home and finding that a very lost bear has been scoffing porridge, breaking chairs and sleeping in beds?


Will she be cross, or is finally time to make amends?

Friday 04/03/22


Today's story was called "Who's Been Eating MY Porridge?"


Somebody has stolen Little Bear's breakfast.


Who could it be?


Billy Goat Gruff?


Little Miss Muffet?


Or could it be ...the Porridge Monster?


Join Little Bear and friends as he tries to track the culprit down.

Monday 07/03/22


Today's story was very funny. It was called The Hungry Hen.


Hungry Hen eats and eats and grows fatter and fatter.


High on the hill the fox watches and grows thinner and thinner.


Until one day he can stand it no longer, but things do not turn out as expected!

Tuesday 08/03/22


Today's story is called "Troll Swap."


Timothy Limpet feels out of place in the troll family – he likes things to be just so, and most trolls, frankly, don’t.


Tabitha Lumpit likes things to be loud, loopy and messy and she feels like a fish out of water in her very neat family.


Sometimes they wonder if their families really see them for who they are, so when Timothy and Tabitha meet on the bridge they each decide the other’s family is a better fit and swap places . . . with hilarious results.

Wednesday 09/03/22


Today's story was called "Pig's Egg."


After Pig feels left out from Hen, Duck and Goose, he finds a turnip he decides to try to hatch as an egg. He finds a caterpillar inside and raises it like his own baby.

Thursday 10/03/22


Today's story was called "The search for the PERFECT child."


Fido Fonteyn, the cleverest, sharpest, coolest dog in the whole world, faces his toughest challenge yet: to find the perfect child!


But what makes a child perfect?


And does such a thing even exist?


Could Fido's search be over when he looks out of the page at... the reader!

Friday 11/03/22


Today's story was called "The Three Billy Goats Fluff!"


Trip-trap! Trip-trap!


How is Mr. Troll supposed to sleep when the three Billy Goats Fluff keep trip-trapping over his bridge?


Twice a day, they loudly cross it to eat the lush green grass in the field by Mr. Trolls home. (The grass makes their fleeces extra fluffy, important for Mother Goats knitting business.)


But when Mr. Troll threatens to eat them, Mother Goat has a fluffy plan to keep everyone happy in this funny twist on a classic fairy tale!

Monday 14/03/22


Today's story is called "The Tiny Seed."


It is written by the same man who wrote "The Hungry Caterpillar" - Eric Carle


This is the story of how a tiny seed travels from its parent plant and blows across seas, deserts and mountains, braving many hazards along the way, before finally finding a place to settle and grow into a beautiful flower so that the story can start again.


A beautiful and uplifting first introduction to the life cycle of a seed.

Tuesday 15/03/22


Today's story is called "Jim and the Beanstalk."


A sequel to the original tale.


Jim meets a sad and aging giant who complains that some boy once climbed up the beanstalk and robbed his father. Jim tries to improve the giant's lot.

Wednesday 16/03/22


Today's story is called "Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk."


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell ... jelly beans! When Jack sells his cow for jelly beans, his mum is furious. But (of course) these are magic beans and soon Jack is on a big adventure up in the clouds.

Starring a hangry giant, a little white goose and a lifetime's supply of jelly beans!

Thursday 17/03/22


Today's story is called "Jack and the Baked Beanstalk."


Colin Stimpson sets his version of Jack and the Beanstalk in a futuristic 1950s America, with skyscrapers surrounding the flyover under which Jack and his mother run a café, and a vintage framing to the illustrations.


When the flyover threatens their café, Jack's mother sends him to buy the best coffee beans to attract new customers, but he buys baked beans instead.


mother throws them out, yet after climbing the resulting beanstalk, he finds a giant whose cooking skills save the business.


A delightful, comic twist on a traditional tale.

Friday 18/03/22


Today's story is called "Jasper's Beanstalk."


Jasper plants a bean.


He waits for it to grow into a beanstalk all week.


How long will he have to wait before he can start looking for giants?

Monday 21/03/22


Today's story was called "Gary's Banana Drama."


Gary is desperate for a banana.


Could that be one poking over the wall? No! It’s a fancy lady’s hat!


Is that a banana whizzing through the air? OUCH! NO! It’s a boomerang from Billy’s show!


Where ARE all the bananas?


Alone and hungry, Gary is about to give up until . . . WAIT!


Could it be . . . the BIGGEST BANANA IN THE WORLD?

Tuesday 22/03/22


Today's story was called "I want my hat back."


It made us laugh.


It tells the story of a bear who's hat has gone. And he wants it back.


Patiently and politely, he asks the animals he comes across, one by one, whether they have seen it.


Each animal says no (some more elaborately than others).


But just as it he begins to lose hope, lying flat on his back in despair, a deer comes by and asks a rather obvious question that suddenly sparks the bear’s memory and renews his search with a vengeance...

Wednesday 23/03/22


Today's story is called "Very Little Red Riding Hood."


Very Little Red Riding Hood is little. Very little. She's brave and bossy, fearless and determined, loving and funny. And like all toddlers she likes everything just so – woe betide anyone and anything that gets in her way!

Join Very Little Red Riding Hood on a very important expedition to her Grandmama's for a sleepover.