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Spring Term 2022

Thursday 13/01/22


Today's story was called "How to Grow A Dinosaur."


Albie is a normal little boy who has extraordinary adventures. When he helps his mum in the garden by planting some seeds, he can't quite believe his eyes the next morning.


The garden has grown beyond all belief and these are not just any old plants - oh, no - Albie's seeds have grown into great big jurassic jungle! ... 



Friday. 14/01/22


Our story today is "T-Veg"


Reginald's a T. Rex just as fierce and ferocious as the rest: he's got a mighty roar, gnashing teeth, and all the speed a dino could need.


But when it comes to mealtime, Reg would rather chow down on broccoli, beans, and greens than the juicy steaks his paleo pals prefer.

Monday 17/01/22


Todays story was called "10 Little Penguins"


Look inside to find out what happens to the little penguins during their fun-filled day. Count aloud as the mischievous penguins go from being 10 to just 1!



Tuesday 18/01/22


Today our story was called "Brave Bitsy and the Bear."


When Bitsy falls out of her girl's pocket in the woods, she is lost and all alone until she meets gentle Bear, who helps Bitsy find her way back home before he hibernates for the winter.


But Bear is already very tired, and only Bitsy's hopeful songs keep him awake on their journey.

Wednesday 19/01/22


Our story today was called "Storm"


It was by the same writer as the other story we have been reading, called "Snow" - Sam Usher


A storm is brewing and the wind is picking up, so a boy and his grandfather decide it's the perfect weather for kite flying. There's just one problem: they have to find the kite!