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Set 6/5/22 Return 13/5/22

This week we will be learning all about Pirates (including famous Pirates, such as Blackbeard). We will be focusing on non-fiction text and will be creating a fact file based on all the information we gather. We will also be reading the book: Pirates love Underpants.

Children are asked to dress up as Pirates on Friday the 13th May to wrap up out topic for the week. (Please see News Bulletin for more information)



Pirates Love Underpants

The Homework Challenge for next week is as follows:

Children are to use their folding skills to create and decorate a Pirate Hat from paper. I have attached a set of instructions below. This is just a guide. If you or your child find any other fancy or fun ways to create a pirate hat- please do!

Children are to bring in their creations and a written list of step-by-step instructions of how they made it.

How to make a Pirate Hat