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Set 29/4/22 Return 6/5/22

This week the book that will guide our learning is 'The Gingerbread Man'. This story provides many opportunities for learning. In class we will be focusing on how to follow instructions and we will be creating recipes and making gingerbread cookies. We will also be reflecting on the rhyming and repetition in the story. The children will be able to re tell the story in their own words using the story board method. We will also be looking at direct speech and creating speech bubbles for the characters. The story also provides an opportunity to touch on Stranger Danger and who we can trust when we feel unsafe. 


The children may very well come home and want to have a discussion around these topics. I encourage parents to chat to their children about Stranger Danger, let your children know who they can trust and even provide them additional info like a safe word or what to do in the event of an unsafe situation. It is important that every family establish a 'safe plan' to turn to when needed.

The Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

This Homework Challenge promises to be lots of fun! 

Baking the Gingerbread Man required lots of ingredients and instructions. A recipe tells us what we will need. It also tells us step by step how to make the recipe.

At home, with your adult, I would like you to choose an easy recipe of anything you would like to make (pancakes, cupcakes, milkshake, fruit salad, toasted cheese etc).

Can you write down what you need to make your recipe?

Can you write down the steps to make it?

Can you take photos of you making it?

(* NOTE TO ADULTS: Please ensure you supervise and support your child in this activity to ensure safety)

If you can, you could bring some to school to show us once you have finished, or just send in photos of everything you have done.

Due date: 13th May 2022