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Set 20/5/22 Return 27/5/22

The Colour Monster

We will be reading the book: The Colour Monster. This is a sensitive book that focuses on each of the main emotions that one feels. Each emotion is represented by a colour and the children will explore how we can recognise these feelings, deal with these feelings and manage our feelings effectively. As the children head towards the end of their Reception year and prepare for Year 1, there are a lot of changes and emotions attached to this transitional phase. This topic and book will provide some comfort and some helpful and insightful tools in helping the children deal with all the changes.


This homework requires gentle adult supervision and guidance.

Children are to select an emotion (Happy, sad, angry, etc)

They are to design and create their own character to represent that emotion (this could be in the form of a puppet) and then write a sentence saying how they feel when they have that emotion. (eg: I am happy when I play with my friends)

Due Date: 27 May 2022

emotion puppets