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Set 13/5/22 Return 20/5/22

This week we will be learning all about bugs and insects. We will be creating a bug hotel in the garden to attract the little creatures and we will be exploring their body parts, life cycles and features of all sorts of bugs. Weather permitting, we will be doing lots of outdoor investigative and explorative study in this topic. The children will enjoy a large range of activities in and out of the classroom and our literacy, maths and phonics will be centred around this fun, but interesting topic.

Our book to guide our learning this week will be 'A Bug Hotel'- this will guide us in creating our bug hotel, but we will also be reading 'The Buggliest Bug'.


Please scroll down for the homework challenge.

A bug Hotel

The Buggliest Bug

The Homework Challenge for the week is as follows:

Children are to select their favourite bug and then create it using things in and around their garden and in nature (leaves, stones, sticks etc) They are then to write 3 interesting facts about the bug. I will be looking for well written sentences that have capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and good letter formation. Please encourage independent effort.