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Autumn Term
Colour, All About Me, Christmas
Literacy focus; speaking and listening skills, recognising letters and knowing their sounds, writing own name and other letters correctly,
reading simple 2 letter and 3 letter words. Understand what a title is, page, word, and that we read from left to right. 
Maths focus; recognising numbers, naming and describing simple shapes by their properties, counting and finding one more or less than a number 1-10, adding by combining 2 groups and counting how many, subtract by taking away and counting how many left.
Spring Term
Traditional Stories & Songs, growing,
People Who Help Us
Literacy focus; letter names, digraphs, using letter sounds to
read, spell and write simple words and sentences, form letters correctly.   Retell stories and talk about the characters in stories.
Maths focus; recognise numbers to 20 and counting accurately, using comparative and capacity vocabulary correctly, create and extend repeating colour patterns, subtract by counting backwards and add by counting on from a number.
Summer 1st Term
Minibeasts & Journeys
Literacy focus; recognise and write own surname, continue recognising different letter sounds, read & spell words independently and try to write more complex sentences using phonic knowledge. Use non-fiction books to find out information. 
Maths focus; sequence numbers, count in 2s and 10s, name simple 3d shapes, create and describe more complex patterns, apply maths knowledge to solve practical problems.