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To contact Mrs Eastes regarding the weekly expected or lockdown home learning the e mail to use is:




Keep Scrolling for details and information.

Weekly Expected Home Learning.

This is what used to be called "Homework"

We now provide it online for you to access.

Please complete each week - as shown by the date.

You do not need to print it out - but please do send me a photo of it, and say if you are happy for me to put it on our photo page

Sound Chart for our phonics work - done daily.

Dough gym

What is dough gym? ... Dough gym involves using playdough to music, copying the specific hand movements of the teacher focusing on different areas of the fingers and hands.

The aim of dough gym is to further develop and improve children's fine motor skills, hand strength and hand-eye coordination.

It is great fun, and if you have some play dough, you MUST try it with the children...


Basically - play a good piece of music, anything you like (we like Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, One Direction!) play it loud. Put your play dough in your hand and go for it.


Squeeze it, roll it, flatten it, poke it, punch it, chop it up.


You will need a table to use, and you must stand up - its designed to strengthen arm, hand, shoulder and finger muscles - so sitting down is not allowed.


Anything goes!


Speed is best, and you can add in moves like "swimming" and "milk the cow" - which are literally as they sound.

Dough Gym exercises

Get MOVING each day...