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We made cake using courgette that we had grown ourselves

Our spelling game!

One of our Dads came in to play his special pipes.

World Book Day 2020


Retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


Taking away

Our lovely Mud you have any old pots and pans?

We finally made it outside for some learning.

Our Paddington work...we MADE London!

School Councillors

Reading with Year 6

Making Gingerbread Men

Reading with Year 6

Nativity 2019.

Superhero Vegetables...strange but true!!!

We trapped The Joker - we made special traps to catch him in because he was being bad.

Making Pizza for our party

We had visitors - Mildred and Shelley - and an egg!

Making Jam Sandwiches

The Tiger Who Came to Tea - at our place!!!

Robins Class Assembly

Making Gruffalo Biscuits

Pictures from Open Morning today. Thank you for coming.

"We are playing schools..."

Maths intervention

Chillin' and readin'

We have been very lucky in that the Edmund de Moundeford Trust have spent a LOT of money on our outdoor area. We have taken these photos for you to see, so that you can understand the kind of activities that we engage in with the children when not in the classroom...isnt it amazing?

Starting our reading area - we are trying to build up a comfy space to read.

Filling Cauldrons for potions

Halloween stories

We aaahaaarrrrggggg PIRATES!

A few pictures from the zoo

Building a train track