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Sports day was great. We deserved this ice lolly afterwards

We rescued a strawberry from the blackbird

We made a walk through story map for Goldilocks.

We've been given some new Train Track - guess what we have been doing all afternoon!!!

Our trip. We had a wonderful time - wet and cold, but great fun. THANK YOU to the 4 mummies that came along.


Paul Klee - artist

Number puzzles

Big Smiles...

Claude Monet

Making 3D shapes using Play Dough

A painting extravaganza

The 3 Billy Goats needed a raft to cross the river instead

Building bridges for the 3 Billy Goats Gruff to cross

We learnt about Picasso - the children were amazing at it.

We dressed up for World Book Day - we all looked absolutely FABULOUS

Our homework was to make PANTS!

Role play - castles and dressing up

"Ive made a boat"

a gallant knight on his steed


We also made a Chinese Dragon and made music to go with our dance

We made a traditional Chinese meal

We played some traditional Chinese games...Throw the square and Hopping chicken

We had a celebration of Chinese New Year...we were born in the year of the Snake or the year of the Horse

We made bread rolls - just like the Little Red Hen. They were delicious

We made a was amazing

Making Gingerbread men...yum

Arctic Discovery Tray

Making Reindeer Food for our important visitors

Snowman Ping Pong

Preparing our Christmas Dinner

Nativity ready...we are so proud of them

Making Stick Man

Woodland Wands - today we have been learning about a little boy called Flynn who lived hundreds of years ago. Flynn cared for the woodland animals, fairies and creatures. In return the fairies gave him a magic wand. The Robins have been on a woodland walk around school to create the fairies a fairy feast as the weather has turned cold. In return, the fairies left all the materials for the children to create their very own wands. 

Technology in action

Building a car

Bethany & Benjamin - learning about Road Safety