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Year 1 – Puffins Class
The year 1 curriculum is more structured than the E.Y.F.S curriculum with more adult led activities and recording. However we believe that it is essential for children to be given the opportunities to continue their personal, social and emotional development and to complete the Early Learning Goals from E.Y.F.S.
During the 1st half of the Autumn Term our topic is ‘Ourselves’.
Science: Finding out about our 5 senses, comparing animals and living things and keeping healthy.
History: Finding out homes and household objects in the past.
Geography: Investigating where we live, what is our area like? What can we see? How it has and is changing.
D&T: Designing, making and evaluating homes using a range of objects and allowing children to select resources.
R.E.: Belonging. What does it mean to belong? How people belong in a religion? What is special about belonging? Children begin to know about their own culture and beliefs and those of other people.
Art and Design: Investigating self portraits. Expressing and communicating ideas using a range of materials including their own and others work.
Role play areas:
Home corner
Castle – museum with knights and princesses.
During the 2nd half of the Autumn Term our topic is ‘Light and Dark’.
Science: Investigating light sources, comparing light sources and explain that we need light to see, space finding out about the planets, stars and the moon.
Geography: Comparing life in India with our life through the school’s Airport Day.
D&T: Making candles
Art and Design: Investigating colour making different shades of colour and making coloured painting patterns.
R.E.: Finding out how Christians celebrate Christmas and other festivals of light.
History: The life of Florence Nightingale. Who was Florence Nightingale? Why do we remember her? What was life like for her?
Role play areas:
The dark cave
Space and moon small world play
Before each topic begins the children have the opportunity to tell us what they would like to learn about and what they already know.
During the 1st half of the Spring term our topic is ‘Toys’
During the 2nd half of the Spring term our topic is ‘Changes’
During the 1st half of the Summer term our topic is ‘Water’
During the 2nd half of the Summer term our topic is ‘Countries and Culture’ where we will be finding out about places around the world.
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