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Welcome to Owls!

Literacy is taught through Read, Write Inc lessons where children spend an hour working with a group of similar ability peers. Mrs Clarke, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Allaway and Mrs Carter teach Owls and Puffins for Read, Write Inc lessons.

Children are also taught reading, writing and speaking and listening through cross-curriular work. The main literacy genres taught in year 2 are:
- Instructions,
- Information texts including non-chronological report and explanation texts,
- Stories including traditional tales, stories with familiar settings, stories by the same author and extended stories,
- Poetry including poems with patterns and rhymes and silly poems.

Reading is a high priority and children also spend time working in small guided reading groups and completing comprehension tasks.


Mathematics is taught following the National Curriculum and Primary National Strategies framework. Context maths is taught to provide real life and interesting opportunities to apply maths.
I think this year is going to be really exciting as they have a variety of interesting topics that they will learn about. Science, geography, history, design and technology, art and music are taught mainly through cross-curricular topics (however, they are sometimes taught as stand alone lessons depending on the topic and content being taught).

This year they will learn about:
  • Autumn A – Food, Glorious Food Autumn B – Fire and Light
  • Spring A – Clothes and Coverings Spring B – Going on a Journey
  • Summer A – How does you Garden grow? Summer B – Amazing Animals
Autumn Term:
Food, Glorious Food -
We will be learning about ‘Food’ through our cross-curricular topic ‘Food, Glorious Food’. First, we will be learning about healthy and unhealthy types of food and find out about eating a balanced diet. This will involve numeracy skills such as sorting different foods into categories and making graphs of our favourite types of food. Next, we will be holding a ‘Mini-master Chef’ competition where the children will be given a variety of ingredients to design and make their own concoction! This will be judged by Mrs Lillycrop. Through role play, taste tasting and following simple, ethnic recipes, we will be finding out about different types of food that come from different countries like China, Italy and India and comparing these with some classic British food. We will think about and find out how different types of food are grown and produced focusing on fruit and vegetables. In art, we will find out about the work of Archimboldo and use fruit and vegetables as a media for printing. Through this topic we will also find out about some reversible and irreversible changes to food when they are heated or cooled. Throughout the topic children will be given many opportunities to design, make and evaluate their own menus, packaging for food and recipes as well as having the opportunity to practice reading and writing recipes and using and applying key skills in maths like weighing and measuring.

Fire and Light -
We will be learning about ‘Light and Fire’ through our cross-curricular topic. We will become ‘firefighters’ to do this and be learning about fire safety at school and at home and the role of the fire officer. First, we will then be learning about Bonfire night where we will find out about The Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes. We will also find out about firework safety, do some firework art and poems. Then, we will be learning about the different ways light is made and investigating these. Next, we will find out about The Great Fire of London through photographs, eye witness accounts and using ICT. Finally we will find out about electricity thinking about the dangers, making circuits and what uses electricity.

Spring Term:
Clothes and Coverings -

In this topic, we will become fashion designers! We will be finding out about different types of materials and why they are used for different purposes and will be investigate different types of materials. In history, we will find about how clothes have changed through the ages by looking at pictures and research. In geography, we will find out about what clothes people wear around the world and why they might be suitable for some places and not others.

Going on a Journey -
In the classroom, we will have a Travel agents role play area which we will use as part of our topic but also to support our context maths where we will learn about real life problem solving, planning journeys including times and prices. We will look at maps of the world and identify different places as well as planning journeys we would like to go on and how we would get there. In design technology, we will make some different vehicles like cars and boats using junk materials. During science week, we will use our topic to find out about how to make things move including a paddle racer, balloon racers and super spinners. This will also include an investigation on how objects move on different surfaces.

Summer Term:
How does your Garden grow?

We will be investigating ‘How does your Garden Grow?’ as our class topic. This topic will use our outdoor learning area to its best and we will be spending time learning outside by planting seeds and bulbs and beginning to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers in our raised beds. In science we will be learning about living and non-living objects, plant growth and cycles, parts of plants and how different parts of plants are used for food. There will be lots of hands on experiences with children growing their own bean plants and sunflowers to aid their learning. Also, we will use this topic to learn about Monet’s art work and reproducing some of his famous pieces. In geography we will learn about gardens around the world and compare them to our gardens. In literacy we will use the topic to teach traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and not so traditional tales such as Daft Jack and the Bean Stack! In numeracy we will use the topic to support our learning about data handling.

Amazing Animals -
In this topic, we will become zoo keepers and vets. We will learn about different types of animals, what they need to survive and how to look after them. We will find out about different animals habitats and why they are suited to these places.