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For children who are required to isolate these activities link closely with our learning in class around World War II, Properties of materials and other subject areas. If you have any questions or queries during this period please use our class email address. 


1) Science: Let's explore materials

Materials - Year 5/6 - P6/7 - Science Collection - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

To develop the investigative skills of a scientist - collect a range of materials and describe their properties making links with how their properties suit their use (key words: transparent, hardness, flexible, permeable)


2) Computing - algorithms

Algorithms - Year 5/6 & P6/7 Computing Topics - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Opportunity to also use 'scratch' which we have been using in class


3) Christianity - expressing faith - Holy Week

How do Christians express their faith today? (

Journey into Easter with Children - Imaginor


4) History - World War II links

How did Hitler rise to power? ( - focusing on the key question, displaying your own answer whether it be through a poster, powerpoint, fact file etc

What was life like in Nazi Germany? ( - can you make a comparison between life in Germany and life for an evacuee

Growing Up In The Second World War | Imperial War Museums ( - opportunity to use World War II recipes and understanding of ratitioning.


Remember if there are any questions please use our class email address.