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Where is Antarctica?

Look at the World Map. 

Can you find Antarctica?

Colour Antarctica.


Talk with a grown up to describe where Antarctica is.

Is it North of the equator?

Is is South of the equator?

What is Antarctica Like?


Watch the video.

Complete the activity (Do you remember what we saw in Antarctica?)


Draw a picture and label the things you would see if you visited Antarctica.

Look at the power point presentation about Antarctic Explorers.


With a grown up read / listen / talk about the power point presentation.

What was life like in Antarctica?

How do you think the explorers felt?

Would you like to an Antarctic explorer? Why?


Using the pdf template - write a diary.

Use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and your best handwriting.


With a grown up look at Animals in Antarctica power point presentation.


Can you name animals that live in Antarctica?

Make a poster to show the animals that live in Antarctica.


Look at the Antarctic Animals Fact Files (pdf).

Which is your favourite Antarctic animal?

Can you create your own fact file for your favourite Antarctic animal?