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Art and Design


Our Topic is toys and we are going to learn about printing.


Can you find some toys e.g. cars, dinosaurs, lego?

Dip your toys in some paint and make some patterns and shapes.

Talk to a grown up at home about the patterns and shapes you have made.


Can you find some sphere shaped toys e.g. balls, and marbles?

Dip the sphere shaped into some paint.

Let the sphere shaped toys bounce onto some paper.

Talk to a grown up at home about the patterns and shapes you have made.


Now, use some lego/duplo bricks to make a picture of a robot using the printing technique.

What bricks are you going to choose?  Why?

Do you like your robot picture?  What do you like about your picture?  (e.g. you chose good shapes)

Would you change anything if you made another robot picture?  (e.g. different shaped bricks, different colours)


Do you know any artists that have used toys in their pictures e.g Bernard Pras, Hiroshi Fuji (dinosaur sculptures) or David Waller (rainbow cars).


Now we are going to look at the work of Piet Mondrian.

Look at some pictures of Piet Mondrian's art work.  

What colours can you see?

What types of lines?  How are the lines placed?

What shapes can you see?


Materials to collect to make your own print:

thick string

a piece of cardboard 20X25.5 cm piece of cardboard)


masking tape

black paint


white card

red, yellow and blue crayons


What to do:

Using the cardboard, paper, string and pieces of tape.  

Wrap the string around the cardboard - both vertically and horizontally.  

Cut the string and tape the ends on the back - keeping the string tightly in place. (This is going to be your printing plate).


Now paint the string with black paint.  This process is called the inking the printing plate.


Position the printing plate paint side down on the white card and press it down to print the image of the black lines onto to white card.  Take care when removing the printing plate, to avoid smudging.


Leave your print to dry.


Look again at Piet Mondrian's artwork.  Is every shaped coloured?  Are all the coloured shapes next to each other or spread apart?


Using the crayons, fill in some shapes - remember to spread the filled shapes out just like in Mondrian's painting.


Talk to a grown up about your artwork.

Is is the same/different to Piet Mondrian's work?

What went well?

Would you do anything different if you made another print?





Design and Technology


Our Topic is toys and we are going to design, make and evaluate a toy puppet.


Look at different toy puppets.


Now, we are going to design our own toy puppet.  

What could we use to make our puppet? e.g. a wooden spoon, fabric?

Think of a character for our puppet.  e.g Gruffalo, princess, dragon?

What would you like your puppet to look like?  Draw a picture and label it.


What materials will you need to make your puppet?

Write a list of all the things you are going to need to make your puppet.


Collect the materials and make your puppet.


Talk to an adult about what you like about your puppet.  What went well?

If you made another puppet would you change anything?  What would you change and why?





We are going to learn about e-safety.


click 4-7 years old



Jessie and Friends


Watch the animations and talk about them with your grown up.