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Monday 23rd March



SPAG - practice using commas in a list by completing this quiz

If you need a reminder follow this guide on Bitesize.

Remember to add 'and' before the last item. 


Watch the video of Michael Rosen performing his story 'We're going on a bear hunt'. If you have the book you may want to read it instead. Watch and replay the video to join in with the words and create your own actions (just like we do in school). After that, use the template below or your book to order and retell the story. You may want to draw pictures.


Challenge - can you identify any nouns, verbs, adjectives or alliteration?



In Maths today you will look at fact families and number bonds to 20. 


To start, practice your number bonds using


After that, complete the known facts using your number bonds. 

Design & Technology


Create your own board game based on We're Going on a Bear Hunt. You could use the boards below or create your own. 


Continue to practice coding on Purple Mash. You will need your login. Remember you have to find the school first and then type your login in. Once you are in click on Computing and then the Monkey. Continue from where you were. If you get stuck, click on the question mark and then the hint button to watch the help video.