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Last week we practised words with ‘a’ before ‘l’ or ‘ll’ and words with ‘ar’ after ‘w’. Go on a hunt and see if you can spot any words in the text below with these spellings in. When you find a word you could highlight it or write it in a list.


On Friday, we looked at the features of a character description. Can you remember what they were? What should we always include in a description? Expanded noun phrases! Today we are going to identify some expanded noun phrases and have a go at using some as well.


Log on to your Rockstar account.

Play the game below to practise telling the time. Today we are going to continue to find lengths of time. To help you, remember to use an interactive clock. It may be helpful to work with someone to read the questions and discuss how you can find out the answer. Click through the powerpoint first and then have a go at the questions.   


Complete the 60 second read.


Have a go at creating music with your body.

Extra Ideas




Create a picture using words instead of colouring it in.