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Today we are going to practise spelling words that end in ‘el’. Have a go at the sheet below.


Read the rat’s diary below. Use the checklist to see what he has included. Has he forgotten to include any features? Have a go at writing a diary entry as the cat. Use the checklist to help you.


Logon to your rock star account to practise your times tables.  

We are going to start a new topic today. We are going to learn about time. You may find it helpful to make the clock below (you could label it as well). Watch the two videos to learn about clocks.

Today we are going to look at o’clock and half past. O’clock is when the big hand is on the 12. Half past is when the big hand is on the 6. Have a go at the activity below. Use the clock model from above, an interactive clock from one of the links below or a real clock to help you.


Read and complete the questions.


Use the internet to find out some facts about your favourite animal. You may want to use the child friendly search engine

Extra Ideas




Cut out part of an image from a magazine or print out part of an image from the internet. Stick it down to a piece of paper. Continue to draw the rest of the picture.