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Hello Owls,


How are you? I hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely sunny weather.


This week, the English activities have been adapted from the scheme that we follow in school called Talk 4 Writing. You can look at their website and other year group resources here


As a reminder here are the websites that you have logins for and can go on at any time. If you need any of the logins, let me know and I can email them across.

  • Purple Mash – this is a website which I may set work through. It also has lots of games to practise lots of different skills. It also has lots of arty apps such as paint, creating a 3D net or creating an animation.
  • Feed the Monster – this is available on iPads, computers and phones. It is a fun level-based game where children are able to practice their sounds. This will help with their reading.
  • Times Table Rock Stars – this helps with children learning their times tables. It has now been set so children can practise the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. Children first need to complete a baseline assessment where they will be asked to answer questions from all the times tables. This can be done by clicking on ‘Gig’. From there, questions are personalised in the ‘Garage’ or ‘Arena’ section. Times Table Rock Stars recommends playing 3-4 times a week for 5-10 minutes.
  • Sumdog – Sumdog can be played online or on your phone or tablet. It creates personalised questions on Maths, spelling and grammar. There are a variety of games.
  • Numbots – Numbots is a new suggested site. You do not need a new login for this, it is the same as your Rock Star account. You do need to access it through a different website however. Numbots is another level based game. Children need to score a certain amount to proceed to the next level. It tests children on their number skills. It suggests children play 3-4 times a week for around 5-10 minutes for children to fully benefit.
  • Nessie – Nessie is a personalised website which allows children to practice areas in reading, writing, spelling, Maths and typing. You do not have a login to this. If you would like a login, please let us know.


Please keep sending in photos of your amazing work! I was sent some fantastic pieces last week, well done guys!


Stay safe


Miss Stevenson and Mrs Parkinson


Today we are going to practise using contractions. Can you remember what a contraction is? Can you think of any? Watch the video. Match the words in the activity below, then follow the link to have a go at a quiz.


Today we are going to read a new story. It is called ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. It is a traditional tale. Do you know what a traditional story is? Can you think of any more? Read the story, perhaps with an adult. When you have finished, use the discussion questions to talk about the story then answer the questions in the second activity.


Using your times table rock stars account, log in to numbots using the link below and have a go.

Today we are going to be dividing by 2. Remember, if you get stuck you can use the objects and split them like we did last week or you can use your 2 times table.


Read and complete the questions.


Last week we learned what a computer is. Can you remember what a computer is? This week we are going to learn about the internet. Click on the 2 links below to find out.

Now you know a bit more about the internet. Use the internet to complete one of the activities below.

  • Practice your times tables on your rock star account.
  • Practice your spelling and reading on Feed the Monster
  • Log into Purple Mash and have an explore
  • Research and find out about some amazing explorers

Extra Ideas




Using a pencil or a wax crayon, create rubbings of things around your house or in your garden.