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Good morning Owls, 


Welcome to our last week of home learning! 


We hope you had a nice weekend. What did you get up to?


See you soon, 


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven



Don't forget to go out and enjoy some fresh air! 

Brain and Body Warm Up

Thinking Time

If you took the stripes off a zebra, what colour would it be?




Can you remember what are writing topic is? Witches! Can you remember the witch that you created last week? Today, we are going to planning our information text all about our witch. You may want your text map, description picture and the sentences that you wrote last week to help you. 


We are starting a new unit this week all about 3d shapes! What is a 3d shape? Can you spot any 3d shapes around you? Have a look at the 3d word mat. Can you find any 3d shapes that look like the ones on the mat? If not, you could have a go at making the shapes using lego or even creating them from the nets below. Keep a hold of these 3d shapes as they will be useful in this lesson and the across the lessons this week.  

Click on the game to remind yourself of some 2d shapes. When you are ready watch the video and complete the activity. Have a go at the challenge if you are feeling confident. 




We have been learning about materials. Materials are used to make all sorts of different objects. Last week we looked at how the material wood, is turned into a new material paper. But what happens when we have finished with a material or object? Can it be used again? 


Today we are going to find out about recycling. Do you know what recycling is? Do we recycle at school? Do you recycle at home? 


Read through the powerpoint and then have a go at the games, sorting the rubbish into the different bins. When you are ready, have a go at the sequencing activity. In the activity you must show how rubbish is sorted and recycled. You may use the pictures and sheet or you may decide to draw and create your own. You could even do it on the computer. 

Optional Extras


Can you have a go at copying these patterns?