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This week, we are continuing with our work on the BFG. Today we will be generating vocabulary for a character description. 



Choose 5 words from the year 3/4 national curriculum word list and practice them using the look, say, cover, write, check method. 



Today we are going to start a unit of work on time. We have learnt about time before in school. 

First I want you to watch this song, then have a go at this game - choose the 5 minute version. Now have a go at this worksheet.



Last lesson, we wrote a story about someone who saved the day. Christians believe that Jesus saved people from sin by dying on the cross. Today I would like you to read the Easter story and answer these questions. 


What is the last supper and what do you think it means?

What does the bread and wine in the Easter story symbolise?

Do you think that Jesus knew what was going to happen to him? Why?

Why did Jesus not run away?


Thinking time


Today we learnt about the Easter story. On Good Friday, Jesus died on the cross. Why is it called Good Friday if Jesus died? Who was it good for? Who was it not good for?