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Today we are going to start a new unit of work on narratives. We are going to be exploring the story of the BFG by Roald Dahl. If you love the story and want to read more, you can find it on the Norfolk library service website. 



Choose 5 words from the year 3/4 national curriculum word list (or the year 2 one). Spell them out loud forwards, then spell them out loud backwards. 



We are going to start a unit of work on statistics. Today, we are going to be learning about tally charts. I want you to watch the story Tally O’Malley and then play the tally game. You might choose to create a tally chart for different coloured cars like Nell, or for the different types of birds in your garden, or something else. Once you’ve finished, I want you to complete the worksheet below.



Today is our first lesson in a unit of work about Easter. For today's lesson, I would like you to write me a story where someone saves the day or rescues a situation. For example, Fred has forgotten his PE kit and will get into trouble but his friend Josh lends him his at playtime. I have attached some word mats that you can use to make your writing more interesting. 


Thinking time 


If the only reason that you did something good, was because you knew someone was watching, was it really a good dead?