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Good morning Owls! 


We hope you had a fantastic holiday! What did you get up to? Send in photos or videos so we can see and maybe we can all have a look at them in our next zoom meeting! We know you enjoyed seeing what everyone got up to in the snow. 


Can you guess what Mia and Hobbes got up to in their holiday? 



Lots and lots of sleeping! 


It might be a bit hard to get back into school work, but that's okay. Why not have a go at the dance underneath to get warmed up and ready. 


Stay safe, 


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven


Brain and Body Warm Up

Thinking Time

Can you touch the wind?




In this brand new unit we are going to be writing all about witches! By the end of next week we will have written our own report on witches. In today's lesson, we are going to read a report and answer some questions. 


We are carrying on from our unit before the holiday. Can you remember what we were doing? we were learning all about division ÷. In the lesson today, we are going to be dividing by 5. What times table would be really helpful for us to practise? You may want to log on to rock stars and practise your times tables before starting this lesson. 


Have a go at the game, to get in the Maths mood. When you are ready, watch the video and complete the activity. You may want countable objects to help you. If you feel confident, have a go at the challenge. 




Just like Maths, we are continuing with our topic in Science too. Can you remember what we were learning about? Materials! Why not have a go at the quiz below and see what you can remember about the properties of different materials. 

What is paper made out of? Wood! Watch the video below to learn how paper is made. Then, create a story map showing the steps it takes to make paper. Remember to label your story map with key words. 

Optional Extras


Create a picture using words instead of colouring it in.