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Good morning Owls, 


We hope you all had a lovely weekend. We have been so impressed with your Express Yourself entries. You all decided to do something which shows juts how unique you all are. They were all amazing. Give yourself a pat on the back and we will give you 5 star points! Well done! 


Stay safe, 


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven

Don't forget to keep reading every day, it is sooooo important! If you are low on books at home then have a look at the other reading options on the 'extra resources' page. Just look how much Hobbes loves to read ...

Brain and body warm up

Thinking Time

How many sections are there in an orange?




Great job on writing your instructions last week Owls. You worked so hard. I was super impressed! As we have just one week until we break up for half term, this week we are going to complete a short unit all about characters. Do you know what a character is? 


Can you remember what we are learning about in Maths? We are learning about division. Last week we looked at sharing. In the next few lessons we are going to be grouping. Today is a recap of grouping from Year 1. You will need your counting objects just like last time. Start with the game first to get you in the Maths mood. Then watch the video and have a go at the activity. If you feel confident, try the challenge. 




This week's lesson is a challenge! You must design an outfit and think very carefully about the materials that you choose. For every material you must describe at least one of the properties and why that material is suitable. You can draw and label your outfit. 


Pick one of the challenges below: 


1. Design a winter outfit. It must be warm, waterproof and easy to take off. 


2. Design your own home learning uniform. You must be able to do exercise in it. 

Optional Extras


Read the book below about natural and man made materials and answer the questions. 


Create a paper sculpture. To do this you will need paper, glue and maybe scissors and coloured pens or pencils. You may want to colour or decorate your paper first. Tear or cut strips of paper. Fold the end of one strip and stick it to a flat piece of paper. Twist, bend or curl the paper before folding and sticking the other end down. Repeat with other strips. You have created your own 3D sculpture. Look at the images below for ideas.