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We have been learning about poetry in English - I have loved reading all of your poems. Today I would like you to read pages 10 and 11 of the poetry booklet and write me a poem called "I didn't know I'd miss". Remember, poems don't always have to rhyme. 



Choose 5 words from the year 3/4 national curriculum word list and draw pictures around them like this:





On Thursday, we were subtracting to find the difference between two amounts of money. Today, we are going to be subtracting money to find out how much change we would get. Have a look at the powerpoint and then have a go at one of the worksheets (D = challenge 1, E = challenge 2 and GD = challenge 3)



Last lesson you planned your newspaper article about one of Jesus' miracles. Today, I would like you to write that newspaper article. Remember to include a headline, pictures with captions and the 5 Ws. Below is a word mat which you might find helpful.






How much snow have you got in Feltwell? I've got loads at my house. Lets have a snowman building competition. Send the photos to me - 10 star points for the best snowman.

Thinking time


I hope that you had a lovely time in the snow today. I love the snow but my favourite weather is sunshine because you can go camping and swim in the sea. What is your favourite weather and why?