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Today is our last lesson on non-chronological reports. I would like you to complete lesson 20 on Oak National academy. We are going to be writing the closing section of a non-chronological report. I have been really impressed with your reports so far, your vocabulary is amazing and you have used alternative sentence starters to engage the reader. I really look forward to seeing the finished texts. 


For those of you who were doing the unicorn booklet, I want you to watch this video and write a newspaper report about it. We learnt about newspaper reports last term so you should be able to remember the key features. 



Watch this video about homophones and then have a go at the homophones game that I have set you on purple mash. If you want to, you can make your own video like the supermovers one. 



We are starting a unit of work on money. Today we are going to be recognising different coins and notes. I would like you to start by watching this powerpoint and then have a go at one of the worksheets. There are three challenges (D = 1 star, E = 2 star and GD = 3 star). I want you to choose one challenge and complete one column of that sheet. As a plenary, I want you to have a go at the problem solving activity attached. There are lots of different correct answers. How many can you find? 



This half term, we have been learning about Jesus' miracles. Today I would like you to plan a newspaper report about one of Jesus' miracles. I don't mind how you want to plan it. You may choose to use a mind map or to box it up. Remember to include the headline and the 5 ws in your plan.



Today in French we are going to be learning how to introduce and describe ourselves. Some of the vocabulary will be familiar and some of it will be new.

Thinking time


Can we know what happiness is without sadness?