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Today I would like you to do lesson 15 from the Oak National Academy unit. For those of you working from the unicorn booklet, I would like you to write the first two paragraphs of your non-chronological report. 



Choose 5 words from the year 3/4 national curriculum word list (or the year 2 list) and write some mnemonics to help you remember them. 


E.g. actual - a cat tumbled under a lamppost



Last week we were learning about multiplication, this week we are going to learn about the inverse of multiplication, division. Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet. 



In RE, we have been learning about Jesus' miracles. Today I would like you to imagine that you are interviewing someone who was a witness to one of Jesus' miracles.


You can either write a transcript of this interview, or you can film the interview. 



Thinking time


Do you think that Jesus really performed miracles? Why? Why not?