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Good morning Owls and welcome back! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for this week's learning.  These are your activities for today:



These are your words for this week:


  1. nostril
  2. evil
  3. stencil
  4. pupil
  5. fossil
  6. lentil
  7. April
  8. gerbil


Here is the link for the activity of Look Say Cover Write Check:


This week you will have a number of individual lessons that will consolidate the learning you have done so far.  Today, you will revisit The Firework Maker's Daughter to summarise information.



We are no longer able to access Numbots so you will be able to do Rockstars every day through this link:

Then click on the following link for your main activity:
You can then have a try at doing the challenge activity:



Scratch lesson 5, the instructions are attached below as a pdf.


If you are finding Scratch quite challenging, you could try Purple Mash. You should all have your log in details..... please email Miss Stevenson if you can't find yours.


On the home page - click on computing - 2code - chimp - fun with fish

Make sure you work through each game in order as they get harder, don't just pick the one you like the look of!