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Hello Owls!


I hope you all had a great holiday! Did anyone catch the Easter Bunny?


Please keep sending your pictures for the school website to We look forward to seeing all your amazing hard work at the end of every day! If you have any problems at all, please let me know through the office. It is an unusual time for everyone, so we want to make sure that learning at home is going smoothly for you all. Don’t forget to look at the updated useful links page for more ideas, activities and resources.


To try and make the days balanced, I have changed the timetable slightly. Every morning there will be English, Maths and a reading activity. In the afternoons, Computing, Science, Topic, RE and Music will be divided up across the week. Each day, I will post a link to Joe Wicks PE sessions, as well as suggesting an Art or DT activity. This gives Owls the opportunity to be active and creative every day.


Stay safe,


Miss Stevenson and Mrs Parkinson


Have a go at copying the patterns in your book. Make sure your letters are not too big or too small.


Watch the video for the Ugly Sharkling. Your task today is to retell the story. You could do this by drawing a text map like we do in class, or you could create a timeline like we did for the Great Fire of London or you could draw a comic strip.


To start, log on to your times table rock stars account and practice your times tables.

Today we are going to practice writing multiplication sentences using pictures. Complete the maths activity and then have a go at the challenge. There is also a card game which you could try.


Read and complete the questions.


What is a computer? Where can you find computers? Read through and complete the activities on the two links below to find out what a computer is and how they can help you learn.



Can you draw a picture using only one line? This means your pencil must always touch the paper while you are drawing. You could draw a picture of yourself, someone in your family, your pet, a flower or something else. Think about where you should start your picture. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, just have another go.