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Good morning Owls, 


I hoped you kept warm over this chilly weekend! Keep sending in lots of photos so I can give you lots of star points!!! Mrs Lillycrop is so impressed with all of the work that you have been doing, she has said she is going to be on the lookout for some new amazing prizes. I will also be looking out to see who is soaring to success at home as each week someone will be awarded the home learner of the week certificate. 


Stay safe, 


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven



Thinking Time

How many beans do you think there are in a baked bean tin?





Today you are going to be describing using your senses. Think back to the excellent expanded noun phrases you used last week, they may be  useful. 


Log on to your times table rock stars account and have a practise of your times tables. 


In the Maths lesson today, you are going to continue to practise adding 2 digit numbers without crossing 10. If you feel confident have a go at the challenge. 




Can you remember the different types of materials that you found last week? Can you name any more? Today you are going to go on another scavenger hunt around your house. But this time, you are going to be hunting for different properties. What is a property of a material? Watch the video below to find out before going on your scavenger hunt! 

Optional Extras



Can you make our own musical instrument? Follow the instructions in the video below.