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Hello Owls,


I hope you are all safe and well!


Keep up your daily reading and don’t forget your Times Table Rockstar or Feed the Monster accounts. I can see that quite a few people have reached the next round on Feed the Monster – well done! Remember to look at the useful links below. This is updated and has lots of ideas and activities that can be done at home. 

Some people have sent in work for me to see which I have absolutely loved! Mrs Lillycrop has offered to post photos of your learning in the school website for everyone to see. Email and your photos will be seen on the home learning page. 

Just a note to adults – you do not have to print out the work. You can write the answers in the exercise book if you prefer.


Have a great week!

Spelling - Y to ies

When a word ends in a consonant and then a y we take off the y and add ies to change it to a plural. Watch the video and complete that activities.


Read the poem ‘Aliens Stole My Underpants’ and answer the questions. Remember to write your answers in full sentences. Then create your own alien and label it with adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Think about what it looks like and where it came from.  


Have a go at practising your mental maths with the 4 operations by clicking on the link.


Last week we looked at some of the different ways we can add. This week we are going to use the same methods but with subtraction. Today we will start by drawing the tens and ones. Follow the poster if you get stuck. Remember, you may need to exchange 1 ten into 10 ones. When you have answered the questions, have a go at the challenge.


Complete this 60-second reading comprehension.

The afternoon’s activities may take longer or you may choose to do a bit and then come back to it.



Using Purple Mash create your own Great Fire of London scene. Design your own background, create your own characters and make them move. To do this go to your 2Do’s. Think back to the games you have played, if you need a reminder you could even go back to them and play them again (Computing - 2Code – Chimp). There are also video tutorials as well.



Create your own alien. To create your alien look back at your drawing this morning. You could draw it again and this time label it with the materials that you want to use. You could create your alien using boxes, play-doh or even paper from your exercise book. Remember to send in your pictures so I can see your amazing aliens.