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Underneath the curriculum content you will find advice on learning times tables at home and how they are worth star points!

Calculations policy; how we teach addition etc and in which order

Learning times tables


Teachers have long recognised that a really big help towards children doing well with their Maths in Key Stage 2  is their knowledge and quick recall of the times tables. The Government have introduced a times table test for Year 4 children. This has slightly changed the way that we will be teaching times tables in school. We will continue to chant the times tables, as many of us did ourselves in school. We will also continue to ask the children random facts from them and expect a quick and accurate answer e.g. 5x6=.


However, as the Government is expecting children to write the answer in 6 seconds (without writing the calculation) we will also be doing more timed recall practice.


How can parents help?


Your support with helping your child practice for the weekly times table test would be much appreciated. 3 children are picked from each class every Friday in our Maths raffle. They are tested on their current learning. For Years 2, 3 and 4 this is likely to be times tables. For Years 5 and 6 this is starting with times table facts and then moving on to division facts when they are confident with each times table. In Year 6 this can be extended to fractions, decimals and multiples of the ten times table. For Year 2 most children will be learning times tables but some might still be working on their number bonds e.g. number bonds to 20 are 20+0, 19+1, 18+2, 17+3 etc. For Year 1 they will be working on number bonds. At the start of Reception they are learning how to read numbers; this progresses to saying 1 more or less than a number.

15 STAR POINTS can be won if the child gets their 3 questions right!!


See this website for more information:


I would recommend this leaflet from the useful website www.theschoolrun.