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Kingfishers Curriculum

Welcome to Kingfishers!
Here is the long term plan for the Kingfisher class;
Autumn Term:- stories with familiar settings, shape poems and instructions.
Spring Term:- information texts, myths and legends, authors and letters, dialog and plays.
Summer Term:- adventure and mystery, language plays, calligrams, poems to perform.
In numeracy we will be covering the following areas;
counting, portioning and calculating. Securing number facts, understanding shape. Handling data and measures. Calculating, measuring and understanding shape. Securing number facts, relationships and calculating.
Autumn Term:- signs and symbols, how Hindu's celebrate Divali.
Spring Term:- What do we know about Jesus? What Christian's believe?
Summer Term:- What is the Bible? What is faith?
PHSE/ Sex Education
Autumn Term:- new beginnings, healthy lifestyles.
Spring Term:- getting on and falling out, drug education.
Summer Term:- sex and relationships, changes.
Autumn Term:- fielding, invasion games.
Spring Term:- gym, dance.
Summer Term:- athletics.
Music for class assembly, Music from across different cultures including Spanish and Australian music, Christmas.
Autumn Term:- plants grow well, teeth and eating.
Spring Term:- light and shadows, rocks and soils.
Summer Term:- characteristics of materials, magnets and springs.
Autumn Term:- plants, artist of the month, Roman art.
Spring Term:- Australian art, artist of the month.
Summer Term:- calligrams, artist of the month.
Autumn Term:- Christmas sewing.
Spring Term:- Australian food (cooking).
Summer Term:- designing and making a wheelbarrow.
Autumn Term:- our school, the Romans.
Spring Term:- Australia, artist of the month life story.
Summer Term:- the farthest away mountain.
Autumn Term:- our school, where did the Roman's came from, Spain.
Spring Term:- Australia
Summer Term:- the farthest away mountain and the sea.