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We have had a wonderful time in kingfishers 2020/2021


Today we learnt that the Euro 2021 football is made up of 2 D shapes ( rectangles ,triangles and squares.) We made our own footballs. 12.07.21.

6th July,21 Our finished tea light holders.

DT painting our pots .29.06.21

We love researching information on our computers. 2nd July,21.

Colour run 25.06.21.

Geography. We enjoyed a lovely walk round the village of Feltwell ,drawing a map of the village from our school.24.06.21.

D T /Art. We have been designing Tea light holders using clay. 22.06.21.

DT/ Art. We have been busy making shortbread and Father’s Day cards. 15.06.21.


We have been keeping fit on our Trim Trail. 08/06/21.

Have a super break .

Non uniform/Silly socks.28.05.21

Well done

Well done . Hero’s of the pandemic posters . Year 3 winners.

Don't forget silly sock day / non school uniform tomorrow 28.05.21.

Music. 25.05.21. keeping to the beat of the music with musical instruments.

Numeracy.14.05.21.Today we created 3D shapes using straws and pipe cleaners. Tricky work💐👸

Today we have learnt how to weave using paper. 11.05.21.

DT/Art we have made book marks . We are very good at sewing.

Today we have done more planting of sunflower seeds .We have put them in different places to see if they grow. 29.04.21.