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Kestrels Curriculum May 2013

Dear Parents/Carers,
I have so far been very impressed by all of the children in Year 4, they are all working exceptionally hard at school. Here is some information you may find useful about the summer term.
Our new topic is ‘The Aztecs’ and ‘Mexico’.
We shall be looking at when the Aztec period was, where the Aztecs lived and what was life like during the Aztec period. We will then be moving on to looking at modern day Mexico and the geography of Mexico.
The pupils Art and DT lessons will link to the topic of Aztecs and Mexico. We will be looking at Aztec patterns, traditional masks and Aztec pottery. We will be working with a range of mediums to produce both 2D and 3D art work.
During Literacy we will be looking at persuasive texts and traditional and historical stories set in Mexico. We will be carrying out Big Write on a fortnightly basis. During Big Write the children have the opportunity for extended writing, within the current Literacy topic, against their own targets. More information about Big Write will be given in the school newsletter very soon.
In Science the children will be learning about Circuits and Conductors before moving on to Keeping Warm. The children will be doing lots of exciting experiments during these two units and will be using a vast array of new scientific vocabulary.
In Numeracy the children will be continuing to study the Numeracy Framework blocks. Where possible these will be taught through mathematical concepts that are realistic to life e.g. baking a cake when looking at converting units of measurement.
If you have any holiday souvenirs from Mexico or postcards and would be willing for the children share, then please send them in, we would love to see them.
Miss Parker