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Welcome to Kestrels!
Remember homework is due in on a Wednesday and your weekly spelling test is on a Friday. If you lose your spellings or homework make sure you ask for some more before the due date.

Kestrel's Curriculum
Autumn Term
History- World War II - to include evacuee trip
                                        - To learn cause, leaders and countries involved.
Literacy - stories with historical settings.
                - recounts: newspapers/magazines.
                  ­- information texts
                - fantasy stories.
Numeracy - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, using, 2,3,5,9.10 times table.
                    - Introduction of 4 times table.
                    - Fractions
ICT - Creating a newspaper, using a table
       - Changing font size
       - Finding and replacing text in Microsoft Word
       - Spreadsheets
       - Repeating patterns
RE - Hinduism
        Judaism recap - WWII
PHSE - Getting on and falling out
           - Good to be me
PE - Invasion Games
Music - Rhythm
              Mood music
Spanish - Months of the year
                - Days of the week
                 - Numbers to 31
                 - Birthdays
Science: - Moving and growing
                   Solids, Liquids and Separation.
Art - German Scenes
         Music painting
         Douglas Bader art
         Andreas Grunert portraits
DT - Create an Anderson shelter
         Design and make a boat
         Christmas Decorations
History- World War II - to include evacuee trip
                                        - to learn cause, leaders and countries involved
Geography - countries and battles of World War II
                      - rivers
Spring Term
Literacy - stories which raise issues/dilemmas
                - explanation texts.
Numeracy - Contextual maths
                    - direction
                     - collating and using data
ICT - Questionnaires
       - Pie charts
RE - Religions in our neighbourhood
      - Easter
PHSE - Say no to bullying/relationships
Music - percussion instruments
            - learning two songs
Spanish - Exploring Spanish culture, songs,
Science - Food and farming
               - keeping healthy
               - habitats
Art - Collage
         African Art
         Field scene to make up a farm
DT - Design a breakfast cereal
        Design a game board
Geography - Africa
Summer Term
Literacy - Stories from other cultures
                - Persuasive writing
                 - Creating images
Numeracy – 2D and 3D shapes
-         Number sequencing
-          Count on and back in steps or 3, 4, or 5
ICT - Modelling effects on screen
       - PowerPoint presentation
RE - Belief and the Natural World
      - Ganesh
PHSE - Sex education
           - Going for Goals
PE - Athletics
      - Striking and fielding
Music - instrumental accompaniment to songs
             - Percussion accompaniment for songs
Spanish - Growing things
               - All aboard
Science - Circuits and conductors
               - Keeping Warm and Cool
Art - Sculptures
DT - Aztec Food
History - Aztecs
Geography - Mexico