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We've had a great week in Kestrels Class this week. We would like to say a big thank to everyone who came to support us at Sports Day. It was lovely to see the Kestrels making such an effort to do their best - well done! We've also been busy with our Fens topic. We've made Fen Farm art that shows off how the land provides for us. We're really looking forward to all of the Fen fun we will have on our upcoming trip! 


Phew, it's hot today! Despite the heat, Kestrels Class have had a brilliant week. First, we must say how proud we are of all the Kestrels for completing the Year 4 Times Tables Check. The result of their fantastic efforts to learn their time tables this year was on full display this week - well done Kestrels! However, it's not just the times tables that Kestrels have mastered. As a result of their improved writing, Kestrels were awarded a terrific treat: a visit from some adorable animals! We have also - somehow! - found the time to paint our beautiful dragons. Take a look below! 



Even though we haven't had a full week back after the half-term break, we've been very busy! We have started to explore our new topic of The Fens by listening to the local legend of Tom Hickathrift and the Ogre. Take a look at these fantastic photos of the Kestrels embracing their dramatic sides and acting out the parts of the story. We were also treated to some beautiful books to continue celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. Some of you have been reading them at home already! We have also finished our Shang Dynasty topic by making clay dragons - they're looking pretty roar-some, don't you think? 

Extreme Reading Challenge

We love reading in Kestrels Class and will read any time, any place, anywhere!!


Take a look at these pictures and videos of those who have taken on the Extreme Reading Challenge! :)



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We have had a lovely Jubilee Day today. We made our own sandwiches and cupcakes and enjoyed eating them outside in the sun. We have also made some paper chains to help decorate the truck ready for the Jubilee Parade. 


How musically marvellous are Kestrels Class? Not only have we finished creating and evaluating our musical instruments in DT but we also have more than one musician in our midst! Take a look at the photos and videos below of our musical masterpieces!

Additionally, we have been learning to write persuasive texts, find fractions of amounts and have continued to investigate sound with another sound-based scientific experiment!

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We've continued to investigate sound this week by making string telephones. We had to test whether we could still hear one another when standing over 5 metres apart! We even tried it through a solid door. In addition to this, after learning about the pilgrimage of Hindus in RE, we played an RE game that recreated the journey that the pilgrims take to the River Ganges. 


As always, we have been very busy with a wonderful week of learning. We have continued with our DT projects, explored the weird world of goblins in our writing and we have revised our knowledge of time in our Maths lessons. Take a look at how we remember how many days are in each month of the year. 

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What a marvellously musical week we have had! We have continued our Science investigation and explored pitch in different musical instruments. Following this, we had a fun Friday afternoon starting to make our own musical instruments based on the ones that have inspired us. We've made instruments with strings, instruments that can be hit and instruments with moving parts too. Have a look and see just some of what we've been up to this week. 


Even though we have only been back for three days so far, we've been very busy! In Science, we have continued to learn about sound. We investigated pitch using paper straws. As a class, we discovered that the shorter the straw, the higher the pitch. We also made a lot of noise - see our video below! Following on from our Science, in DT we have started to think about creating our own instruments using our knowledge from Science. Have a look at some of our design plans below. 

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