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Home learning for this week

This page is for your Home Learning - what used to be called Homework.


I will set a piece of work each Friday, to be completed by the following Friday.


It should be fun, and not stressful for anyone - please let me know!!!


Please support your Robin to complete the work, but we ask that you don't actually do it for them - I am sure your work is lovely, but I want to see what my Robins can do.


Anything I give you should not be printed out - unless you choose to do so, and it can all be done very simply, with little requirement for resources - again unless you choose to use them.


The sky is the limit as to how fancy you make each bit - but it shouldn't take too long.


The things I give are either things to practice, or things that relate to what we are learning in class.


Please do share with me what you have done together - email it in, and if you are happy I will share it on the website - parents page.


Thank you for your support with this.

Home Learning for FRIDAY 08/01/21 - return for 15/01/21