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As all of you know Miss Strutt has lots of lovely books about our feelings and emotions in The Birds' Nest , here are lots of videos of those stories that you can watch at home and share with your families


At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of the activities Miss Strutt completes in The Birds' Nest that you might look to complete at home. You can print (if you have grown ups permission) and if not write your answers down in your notepads.



While We Can't Hug

The Squirrels Who Squabbled - Read Aloud

Another great moral tale, about two little squirrels with some big lessons to learn! Read By Ellie xx

The Day the Crayons Quit - Animated Read Aloud

A humorous story about a rogue box of crayons. The Day the Crayons Quit is written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. Animation done in Adob...

The Colour Monster - Read by Sherry

The Colour Monster - by Anna Llenas. Read aloud by Sherry.💖 Get the book 'The Colour Monster' :🛒 Search for books on Book Depositor...

Bedtime Stories | Katie Piper | Ruby's Worry | CBeebies

The Huge Bag of Worries

The Invisible String

A wonderful story about how being apart from those you love doesn't mean you are all alone. When you love someone, you are always connected by your invisible...

How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear? (A Children's Book Reading)

Jayneen Sanders reads 'How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear?', a story to help children manage and overcome anxiety, anxious thoughts, stress and fearful sit...

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine BlueConvert com

Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival Ruby's Worry (Read Aloud) | Storytime

Please join us for a dramatic read of Ruby Finds a Worry, Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival read by Miss Jill.Great story about feelings and overcoming anxiety an...

Hey Warrior

A book for kids about anxiety - because kids can do amazing things with the right information.

Daily Wellbeing Journal- If you are happy to share your journal with Miss Strutt, please ask your grown up to send via email