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Happy Friday everyone! Here is today’s work.


There was or there were?

When writing a sentence ‘there was’ is for one thing.  ‘There were’ is for two or more things.

In the activity, choose one word or phrase from each box to create a sentence. Start with box one. When you have finished read it through to check that it makes sense.


Complete this 60-second reading comprehension.


Today create your own story inspired by ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Pick your own animal to search for and choose your own places to travel through. Don’t forget your description from the previous days. You may want to use the senses word mats and spelling mats.


Now, knowing some Owls, you may have already created your own story. Don’t worry if you have. You could write another one with a different animal, you could practice and perform your story, or you could create a story from one of the titles below (just like we did on World Book Day).

  • The Detective's Adventure
  • The Lonely Lion
  • The Purple Crocodiles 
  • There are Cowboys on Mars! 


I would love to read your stories so send a photo of them to Mrs Lillycrop and she will put them on the website.


Log into Rock Stars and have a go at practising your times tables.


Today, we are going to add 2 digit numbers using a number line. There are 2 ways you can do this.

  1. Using a numbered number line.

First, find the first number on the number line.

Then, add on the ones from the second number.

After, add on the tens from the second number.

  1. Draw a line.

Put the first number at the start.

Count on the ones from the second number.

Then count on the tens of the second number.

Complete the questions using a number line or by drawing your own.


Challenge – Find a route for Pirate Pete. You must add more than 10 each time. For this you may choose which way to add – drawing the tens and ones, splitting them up or using a number line.


Watch the video and then answer some questions about the Easter story.


Watch the video and listen to Michael Rosen beat box to his story. Can you join in? Can you create your own sounds for your story?