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Hello, this will be the last lesson for a week as it is the half term holidays. I hope you all have a lovely holiday. 


Today we are going to continue to practise words that end in the suffix ‘-ment’. You could practise the spelling of the words below by creating pyramid words or rainbow words – your choice! Then you could have a go at the quiz. 


Today it is your turn to be the creative author. Watch the video below and then continue the story on. What happens next? Where do they go? It may be useful to plan your story first, you could use the story mountain. Remember to include interesting description with expanded noun phrases as well as time conjunctions.


Log on to your Rock Star account.

Start by matching the numbers to the different lengths of time. Then have a go at the problems. Pick and choose at least 5. Remember to use the interactive clocks to help you.


Complete the 60 second read.


Today, using Scratch, you are going to make your sprite fly.

Extra Ideas




Someone started to draw but then they stopped. What were they going to draw? Can you turn each box into its own beautiful picture using the lines that are already there?