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Good morning Owls! 


It is our last day of home learning today! You have all worked so hard! Give yourselves a round of applause! And a pat on the back! Finally take a bow! You are all super stars and can have 10 star points!


We look forward to seeing you all on Monday. I know some of you might be feeling a bit nervous or unsure but that is ok. (Miss Stevenson is feeling a bit nervous too!) Do you think we could help each other? 


Have fun today and enjoy your weekend! 


Stay safe and see you soon!!!!


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven 

Oh look, Hobbes is ready with his pencil. 
That's not how you use a pencil Hobbes! 

Brain and Body Warm Up

Thinking Time 

Does lined paper weigh more than blank paper?




Today we are finishing our information reports about witches. In this lesson we will write about how our witch behaves and conclude our information text.


Today, for our last lesson, we are going to be making patterns! Can you complete the 2d shape patterns in the game to warm up your Maths brain? When you are ready, watch the video and complete the activity. If you are feeling confident, have a go at the challenge. There are 2 to choose from today (you might even want to do both!)




We have been learning all about coding. Today, you can create your own world and choose your own characters to programme. Just log on to Purple Mash and click on your 2dos. Can't wait to see what you create. 

Optional Extras


Pablo Picasso is a very famous artist. He is most famous for creating unusual faces. Look at his paintings below and then have a go at creating your own Picasso painting using a dice and the table. Roll the dice and draw the matching feature to create an unusual face.