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Today we are going to be continuing the work that we started yesterday on the opening of our stories. 



Have a go at this spelling game.



I have set you some courses on telling the time, on mathletics, to complete today. 



Today I would like you to watch this video about rivers. The key vocabulary that I want you to listen out for is source and mouth.


Last lesson, we used a map to locate local rivers. Today I want you to look at the map again. Can you find the mouth of these local rivers? 



We are returning to school on Monday. How are you feeling about it? It's normal to be feeling lots of different emotions at the moment. I've attached a worksheet below so that you can tell me the things that you are looking forward to and the things that you are worried about. 


Our zoom session this week is at 2pm today. We are going to have a chat about how school will look when we return and you can ask me any questions that you have?

Thinking time 


What is going to be the best thing about returning to school?