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Good morning Owls, 


Well done guys, you have made it to Friday. We have been so impressed with the work you have done this week.


It is the last day of Mental Health Week.  If you still want to send in your entry showing how you 'Express Yourself' can you please send it in by 12.30 today, thank you. 


Remember, mental health is about what goes on in your head. It is ok to have feelings. Sometimes you might feel lots of different things at once. Other times, you might just be feeling one very big feeling. You can always talk to someone about whatever you might be feeling and thinking. We are here for you. 


Below is a picture of Hobbes and Mia. How do you think they are feeling? 


Stay safe and have a nice weekend, 


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven


Hobbes and Mia

Body and Brain Warm up

Thinking Time

How could you help someone who was feeling down?




You have been working so well in English. Today is the final lesson. We are going to complete our instructions. 


How did you get on with sharing yesterday? We are going to continue with this today. In this lesson you will see  this     ÷   This is the sign we use for division. Remember this whole topic is about division. All this sign means is to share. For example, 6 sweets shared between 2 people can be written as 6 ÷ 2 = 3 . 


You will need the resources you used yesterday to help share such as counters. When you are splitting the objects into groups, you may want to use something like plates to help make the groups clear. 




In Computing we have been looking at giving instructions to a computer. This is called an algorithm. But what happens when the computer doesn't do what you wanted? This means there something wrong with the code. In Computing this is called a bug. Read all about computer bugs and watch the video on the bitesize link below. Then go to Purple Mash and complete the nest 2do's that have been set. 

Optional Extras



Make your own stress ball! Even though it is called a stress ball, they don't just help when you are feeling stressed, they can help with all sorts of feelings. There are lots of different ways to make a stress ball, here are a just a few.