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Today I would like you to do lesson 19 of the Oak National Academy unit. For those of you who were doing the pobble365 activity yesterday, I would like you to write a story about the magic tree. Use the story starter attached and the picture that you drew yesterday to help you. 



Today we are going to be solving how many ways problems. You will need to apply your knowledge of multiplication and division to work these out. 



Have a go at this adjectives game.



In ancient Egypt, they would mummify their dead in order to preserve the body ready for the afterlife. 


Have a read of this instructional text about the mummification process. Then have a go at making your own mummified fruit. 



In computing, we have been learning about staying safe online. Today I would like you to read the information on the think you know website and then create your own poster about staying safe online. 

Thinking time


Do you think that the world is a better or worse place now that we have access to the internet? Why?