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Today, in the English lesson we are going to do a bit of Science! The weather elf wants to make an umbrella. Can you help the elf figure out which material would be the most suitable? It will need to be waterproof and strong. There are some suggestions below, but you could choose the materials that you would like to test. When you have collected the materials, you need to decide how you can test them. You will need to do two tests. One test to test how strong it is and one test to see if it is waterproof. Remember you need to do exactly the same thing to each material. When you are done, decide which material is the best to make an umbrella. After that, can you write a set of instructions to explain to the weather elf how to do the science experiment. Remember to use time conjunctions, bossy (imperative verbs) and commas in a list.


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Today we are going to practise dividing by 2, 5 and 10. Remember that you can use practical objects or times tables to help you. Look carefully at the question to check if you are dividing by 2, 5, 10.


Read and complete the questions.


Click on the link below to listen to different types of music all about space.

Extra Ideas




Have a go at making your own optical illusion. In the example below they use an old CD. You could try using card or cardboard.