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Have a go at the challenge below. You could even make it a competition. How may words can you get?


To complete today’s activity you may want to re-watch ‘The Ugly Sharkling’.

Today we are going to write a letter as the boy describing what happened. You will be using your plan from Tuesday, your expanded noun phrases from Wednesday and your character description that you created yesterday. This will be an informal letter so it will be friendly and chatty. Look at the example below and the success criteria to help you.


Can you work out the number fact families (inverse) for these times tables?

Today we are going to have a go at division by grouping. Watch the video to see how we can group. After, complete the activity and have a go at the challenge. Like yesterday, it may be useful to have some objects to count.


Read and complete the questions.


Choose a song to listen to (or let an adult choose one). As our listening, draw a picture. What does it make you think of? How does it make you feel? Write down some musical words  - what instruments can you hear, is it fast or slow? Watch the video below and see if you can make music using objects in your kitchen.

Extra Ideas




Can you make our own musical instrument? Follow the instructions in the video below.