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This page tells you how we teach Reading, Writing and phonics, shares recommendations on quality books for children to read and informs you about the English curriculum.

How we teach Reading.


Our reading books in Reception and Year 1 show a progression in Phonics skills. (Phonics is sounding things out e.g c-a-t is cat). The progression in phonics knowledge is linked to the phonics programme which we teach at school (which is loosely based around the Read, write, Inc scheme). This means that your child might appear to have reading books which are easy at first but this is then built up to include tricky words which cannot be sounded out e.g. "these". As children move into Year 2 then Key stage 2 reading will be more about understanding what they have read and learning to find clues and make deductions. When you hear your child read try to ask not only questions where the answer can be found but also ones where it cannot be found in the text. For example we don't know what type of weather it was in the story but we know there was a shadow and that the character was wearing sandals and shorts so it might well have been hot and sunny. We also teach children to summarise what they have read. This is a skill which most children find very tricky so practice at home is appreciated.

More detail about the phonics programme